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I am exploring a new server setup using debian squeeze(6). From a former FeeBSD perspective I have to say I like the OS verry much. The problem however is that the default PHP version is 5.3. Fixing this was not hard, since this is a general issue. I used the following guide


and managed to compile a working 5.2.17 binary. This binary has allmost all functionality bundled except for Xdebug wich is vital for my development rig.

Now I have tried to manualy compile Xdebug from source but it doesn't work for my 5.2 binary. Even temporarily replacing the systems phpize yields the same result.

Is there a solution for this problem? Like i.e: bundling xdebug during the php compiling?

My sincere appologies if my English is lacking. Any insights are welcome!

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When compiling xdebug, you need to use the correct phpize and php-config version - you probably used the 5.3 ones, so xdebug got compiled for 5.3.

Do it as follows:

$ cd xdebug-2.1.1
$ /path/to/php-5.2.17/phpize
$ ./configure --with-php-config=/path/to/php-5.2.17/php-config
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