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i have Windows 2008 Server on which i store DB backups on daily basis. I want to be able to download new files only using wget, curl or windows built-in FTP doesn't matter.

Can you help me with command? I need only new files, ones that exists on local machine (Windows Vista) and server should be skipped.


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See the --noclobber option for wget. Also, if you have ncftpget available, I believe it skips existing files by default.

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With wget: New = doesn't exist OR more recently modified

Each time run: (probably won't work on existing files - you need the initial download to contain the remote timestamp) wget --timestamping -r

With cURL you can use the -z option to specify that only files after a certain date should be downloaded

curl -z "Jun 30 2011"

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What you are actually looking for is --timestamping. --no-clobber just wont download existing files taking no concideration if the files on the server are newer or not.

--timestamping looks at the file to see if the version remote is newer than local before downloading.

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