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What I need:

  • Anonymous user should be able to submit a new issue via email and Redmine should do it's best to parse the email and add a new issue.
  • You should be able to reply to email notifications redmine sends out. Redmine should be able to handle this. At the minimum a user should be able to reply to one of these notifications and their reply will be added as a comment. More functionality would be welcome. As would the ability (w/ documentations and code examples) to hack up some ruby to create a custom parser/handler to do some other action would be awesome as well.
  • If this could work with our existing Google Apps (paid/business edition) setup that would be even better

I've spent some time googling for this and even asking in #redmine on freenode with no luck. All I found was this /srv/redmine/extra/mail_handler/mail-handler.rb but no documentation anywhere and the comments aren't all that helpful.

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Here's the page you are looking for:

  • Anonymous issue creation is covered on that page
  • Read the "How it works" section on what all it can do
  • It will work with basically any POP or IMAP box you can give it.

P.S. Please stick around IRC for a bit before going offline :)

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