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I have a virtual private server running ubuntu, and I'm just curious (and expecting a solid "no" answer) if it's possible to install a desktop environment and remotely log into it. My only access right now is via shell.

I know, total noob question.

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Yeah, you can. You'll need to install gdm or kde and then tunnel X over SSH.

ssh -X server

Now, you can start programs that require the X window server, and you'll get graphical windows. It's probably better to just run your server from the command line, however. You never really need a windowing system.

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Yes, as described above. However many VPS have small limits on memory and disk space.

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I have set up a working gui using xfce4 and vnc to connect to the vps

first apt-get install gdm xfce4

the apt-get install tightvncserver





now try connecting using any vnc client where the x's are your VPS IP. Once connected you may need to type startxfce4 into the command line to start the gui.

I then installed firefox and can run xfce, the vncserver and about 4 browser windows in the 256MB limit of my VPS.

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