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I am trying to change the nameservers on a domain to the private nameservers set up on my dedicated server, but I get the error below. The nameservers work fine for a domain name.

Not sure what to do, any help will be more than appreciated.

The Error is:

Command failed; CheckDNS: not authoritative SOA.

If you wish to change the nameservers for your domain, please make sure that the domain has a valid zone in the new nameservers configuration. Please contact your new host if you are still having problems.

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You did not give us enough information about your working environment like: OS, nameserver used, etc.. – Khaled Jul 8 '11 at 16:12

The nameserver you've specified ( is not authoritative for the domain. You need to configure your nameservers with your zone before you update the delegation.

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If it says not auth SOA, edit the dns SOA record for that domain and plop in the first nameserver you use. (want to use)

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