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I'm following Tuxnetworks tutorial, at the last line of the first part and I'm getting this error:

sysadmin@samba:~$ sudo smbclient -L localhost
Enter root's password:
Connection to localhost failed (Error NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED)

I've read a few other threads where people seem to have the same issue but it either doesn't get resolved or their error isn't something I'm having troubles with.

testparm -s output:

Processing section ...
Global parameter logon script found in service section!
Loaded services file OK.

Despite the Global parameter... error it still loads the config fine.

smb.conf file I'm using is the one available in their tutorial with the following changes:

workgroup = MYDOMAIN.COM
netbios name = SAMBA
wins support = Yes

sudo netstat -llptun output:

tcp    0    0*    LISTEN    1317/slapd
tcp6   0    0 :::445         :::*         LISTEN    1414/smbd
tcp6   0    0 :::389         :::*         LISTEN    1317/slapd
tcp6   0    0 :::139         :::*         LISTEN    1414/smbd

Anyone have any idea of why I would be getting NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED when executing smbclient -L localhost?

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Judging by all of the ubuntu in your linked tutorials, I'm going out on a limb and guessing you're on Ubuntu.

Based on your netstat output, Samba is only binding on IPv6 and not on IPv4. This can be verified with this command:

smbclient -L ::1

To force Samba to bind to your v4 localhost, use interfaces to specify the IPs to bind.

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when I execute smbclient -L ::1 I'm now getting NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE at least it's a different error now. What IPs do I need to use in the interfaces section? – user29600 Jul 8 '11 at 16:21
@user29600 is good for testing IPv4 localhost, plus add whatever IPs you want to serve SMB on. – sysadmin1138 Jul 8 '11 at 16:25
interfaces = didn't change anything... still getting the NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED – user29600 Jul 8 '11 at 16:37
I must have missed something in the tutorial. I've now gotten rid of the NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED all together without the interfaces options. Now working on NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE will post back later. – user29600 Jul 8 '11 at 18:25

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