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I'm trying to configure the startup application in Ubuntu. I want to perform the following tasks in sequence when a user login to Ubuntu's desktop:

  1. Ensure that the webserver is started automatically.
  2. After the webserver has been started, automatically start Firefox web browser and point it to the local webserver.

My question:

  1. Where should i put the startup script to perform these startup tasks?
  2. How to control Firefox from shell script? e.g. start firefox, and point it to localhost.


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I assume you're using the apache httpd daemon.

You can either make it start automatically during boot using the /etc/rc.* folders, or putting /etc/init.d/apache start into your script. I think its apache in ubuntu anyhow, might be called httpd

This guide might help:

start firefox with "firefox localhost" or "firefox" in the script

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