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this is the scenario

  • I have access to 2 Cpanel/WHM Web Servers (server1, server2)
  • My domain registrar is Name.com
  • Current name servers on server1
    • ns1.maindns.com
    • ns2.maindns.com
  • New server2 name servers

So, now that I have a new server2, how do I proceed to host a new web/domain on server2 using current ns1.maindns.com ns2.mainds.com ?

At my registrar i have the option to register nameservers and there is an option to asign multiples IP's to a NS: for example

  • ns1.maindns.com

is that posible? or do i have to register a new ns3,ns4 pointing to DNS server2?

In advance, thanks to all of you who respond.

Update: 8/7/2011 I ended up configuring a DNS cluster. I have 2 separate servers on diferent locations with cpanel dns only which is free by the way. then enable DNS clustering on each of my webservers (cpanel/whm 1 and 2).

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By default cpanel does not create zone files on multiple DNS servers. So if you are not going to setup clustered name servers, then you need to use ns3/4.

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Thanks n8whnp, I just found a youtube video explaining how to setup clustered name servers. youtube.com/watch?v=aJ-J7VKdVWw I suppose that i can just do the same if i escalate... i mean, can i add as many cpanel/WHM servers and configure it as clusters... –  mauri Jul 30 '11 at 10:20
even if you do that, name each DNS servers different names and let your customers put in multiple DNS servers. –  n8whnp Jul 30 '11 at 12:51

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