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I have apache 2, phusion passenger. This is on cpanel. I followed the directions to change the documentroot and have the changes stick. Here is some of the pertinent httpd.conf

  ServerName example.com
ServerAlias  www.example.com
DocumentRoot /home/example/public_html/beta/tdt3/public
ServerAdmin webmaster@example.com
UseCanonicalName Off
CustomLog /usr/local/apache/domlogs/example.com combined
CustomLog /usr/local/apache/domlogs/example.com-bytes_log "%{%s}t %I .\n%{%s}t %O ."
## User example # Needed for Cpanel::ApacheConf
UserDir disabled
UserDir enabled example
<IfModule !mod_disable_suexec.c>
    SuexecUserGroup example example
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /home/example/public_html/beta/tdt3/public/cgi-bin/

The trouble is if I do http://example.com it redirects to http://www.example.com/beta/tdt3/public If I use http://www.example.com it works fine. I dont know if this is a passenger deal, an apache deal or a cpanel deal. Anyone know why the non www redirects like that?

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Is this within the virtualhost directive or not? –  Rilindo Jul 9 '11 at 19:22
yes within the virtualhost directive –  hforbess Jul 11 '11 at 14:02

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It was a rewrite rule in the .htaccess. duh

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