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I've recently recieved the dump file of the soon to be migrated Oracle Database. I've installed Oracle 10g and now i need to restore the original database.

Can anyone give me a step to step procedure on how to restore it from the .dmp file ?

Thank you.

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It depends what you are trying to do but one short answer is:

imp system/password@sid file=(filename) log=imp.log fromuser=(existing user) touser=(new user)

The last 3 here: log, fromuser, touser are optional. You might give some more details about what you are doing if that doesn't help...

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So basicly this should import all the tables / views / triggers / procedures in the default tablespace and in the default "System" schema ? –  Paul Jun 19 '09 at 19:17
the short anser is yes but it really depends on what was exported and how. –  Ciaran De Buitlear Jun 19 '09 at 19:33

It depends on the type of export (dump) that was done from the original database. Oracle does four types of exports (called modes):

  1. Full
  2. User
  3. Table(s)
  4. Tablespace(s)

Assuming that a Full export was done, you'd do something like:

imp system/manager FULL=y FILE=database.dmp LOG=import.log STATISTICS=recalculate

Having said that, you should read through the Oracle documentation on imp.

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Keep in mind a .dmp file could mean it was exported using exp or expdp. Run imp help=y or impdp help=y if you run into any issues.

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