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I need to create a new table include some sharepath (e.g. \\network\sharespace\test1), To avoid query results follow some blank spaces after the path(e.g. I cann't accept \\network\sharespace\test1__________like this),I need to set its datatype to match the path length. How could I do? could anybody help to to set this?

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You might get better answers if people know what SQL server you're using. – womble Jul 10 '11 at 5:32
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Does your language lack a chomp function?

You can use the VARCHAR type to produce a string field of a given length; however, unless your sharepaths are all going to be the same length, you'll still end up with the same problem, so it's time to return to chomp.

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Thank you very much – pansal Jul 10 '11 at 7:27

SQL 101 for beginners: use a variable length data type (varchar). Then go on and read the documentation about all data types your particular sql server language dialect supports.

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