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When showing phpinfo() the sheet show that Apache PATH enviroment variable is very very long and with duplicate entries? Why is that? And how to fix?


Another server of mine only shows


Both running FreeBSD 8.1, PHP 5.3.6 and Apache 2.2

The one with issues is also running Virtualmin/Webmin.

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Quite frankly, this isn't a big deal. The PATH variable is actually set by the shell originally, and there are probably a dozen other scripts in Virtualmin/Webmin that append paths to it, i.e.:


It sounds like there's just been several duplicates added, probably from a lot of overlapping sets. Fortunately, this shouldn't affect much. Variables are cached (by the shell), and I'm assuming PHP will do the same when it tries to eval binaries.

So, unless you're running into issues, its safe to leave it as is.

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I'm having an issue with including a file in PHP, a language file in ZendFramework. The file is allready a whole lot smaller than on another server where the copied website originated. The file included returns an array(), as documented in example #5. But sometimes the include just returns int(1) as documented if there is nothing returned. If I pull random parts out of the returned array, it works. – Phliplip Jul 11 '11 at 9:30
What you're speaking of is not the PATH variable, then. In PHP, there's something called an include_path that handles this. – Andrew M. Jul 15 '11 at 19:06

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