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I have Kerio installed in Red Hat enterprise linux, which works well for the P.C. clients however I am not receiving linux generated emails (e.g. cron job output or email generated by biabam or mail).

Is there a way to have linux use kerio as a email server in the same way as sendmail or postfix works?

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Im running postfix next to kerio. Configure the kerio SNMTP service so is doesn't listen on Edit postfix main.cf and set inet_interfaces = localhost so postfix only listens to

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I found this link :


Which tells you to create a link to /opt/kerio/mailserver/sendmail replacing the /usr/sbin/sendmail file with the kerio version, I also had to add, port 25 to the SMTP service.

This meant that I can send email using biabam and mail but the crontab emails (stdout) are not appearing anywhere.

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You may need to set PATH in your crontab so that it knows where to find sendmail. –  Aaron Copley Sep 14 '11 at 20:43

Perhaps something like nullmailer can help.

I think I use it on my Kerio box.

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