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I tried do live migration from ubuntu lucid lynx machine 1, to ubuntu lucid lynx machine 2. The name of vm is VM3jasmine I and would like to migrate to machine2 when i enter a command, (from machine1)

#vrsh migrate --live VM3jasmine qemu+ssh://machine2@,

i got error ,

qemu: could not open disk image /var/lib/libvirt/images/VM3jasmine.img: No such file or directory
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where is the VM image located? It should be accessible to both machines, in a centrally managed storage domain. otherwise, the destination host will not be able to start the migrating VM because it cannot find it's disk image

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FWIW, support for live migration between hosts that do not share storage was added to qemu-kvm release 0.12.1 and libvirt started supporting that since 0.8.2. Lucid's versions are older than that, but there are backports in PPAs.

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