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I'm probably missing something here, but I couldn't find any reference to this.

I have a host that is using Direct Access from a remote location. We had to make changes on the server side and ofc, update the GPO.

Is there a way to manually push the policy to the client? It seems rather useless using a tool that requires you to be connected to the network in order to connect to it.

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This could take you sometime but it's fully possible.

Possible for two reason:

  1. Since Windows 7 you can do a offline domain join.
  2. Direct access does not install anything new. Nor in the server or the client. It's only a group policy that the wizard creates and that policy configure some special parameters of the TCP/IP Stack to get Direct Access working. But you, if you want, can implement the Direct Access manually. This is the procedure on the server and this is on the client.

So for answer your question what you have to do is a offline domain join and a manually direct access configuration following the steps describe in the links of microsoft that i'm putting here. You can create a Bat to automate the process.


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