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We have a new Windows 7 machine and when saving a file to a network directory only the person that created that file can see it. I have figured out that it's a permissions problem. My question is how can I make files saved to a network folder default to be accessible to everyone? The folder is on a Server 2003 machine and this problem only occurs when a Windows 7 machine creates a file in that folder.

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Files should be inheriting permissions from the parent directory ... try this:

Right click the directory, go to properties, then the security tab. Click advanced. Add Everyone (are you sure you don't want authenticated users?). Once you've added Everyone, double-click the entry. Set the apply onto dropdown to this folder, subfolders, and files. Alternatively, set it to subfolders and files only so that the permissions on the folder would be the same as before, but anything created in them would have the permissions you assigned to Everyone.

Now make sure you have the correct permissions so you don't accidentally give everybody full control.

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