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I'm looking to modify the tcp_delack_min sysctl tunable on several RHEL/CentOS systems. It should be located at /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_delack_min. I'm finding that it is missing in recent kernels. While the parameter is available on, I do not see it in This may help a networking issue we're experiencing, and the RHEL MRG documentation clearly notes this function.

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I've heard back from Red Hat on this. The patch providing this feature is the bz460217-nagle-tunables.patch. It is no longer part of the RHEL MRG 1.3 kernel, but will be added to the next update of the RHEL MRG 2.0 kernel.

Comments from the patch:

Make ato min and delack min tunable 
This might potentially help with some programs which have problems with nagle. 
Sockets have to be restarted 
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