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I've installed oracle11g on OracleLinux5, in order to replicate a customers oracle configuration. I only have access via SSH and the web interface, and i need to setup the character set,and a few other parameters NLS, N-NLS. Of what i understand it seems i cannot alter the parameters of the current database, and i would need to install a new one and set the parameters at creation time. Is this true ? If yes, how could i do this via SSH ?

thank you!

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You do not need to reinstall the software. You only need to create a new database if you got the information wrong the first time (and delete the old one probably).

You can create a new database using dbca. You can find more information here:

You can do this over ssh. If you are on windows, download Xming. You will need to install and download Xming and Xming fonts. The public domain version of these are enough.

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Just to add, after installing you could use something like putty to connect to the server with X11 Forwarding. This will allow you to run DBCA remotely though SSH – katriel Jul 13 '11 at 5:10

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