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I have many admins on the network and I want to specify job for them for example I want to create group responsible for install and run yahoo messenger means I don't want to give them full admin rights in windows Thank you in advance

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Guys no answer maybe I haven't explained well so I going to speak in another way.How can I give group full access to install and run programs for example I want to create group this group can install and run yahoo messenger, another group will install and run MSN messenger. I hope it's clear now,Thanks all for any help – AAA-Super Jul 13 '11 at 16:01

You're going to have to configure a specific group-policy for the user-group.

I think that this will detail what you need to do.

Application Deploying with Group Policy

Remember that this only works with some types of applications (I think it's limited to .msi installers).

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