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I'm in the process of upgrading my company's Jira instance to the latest version 4.3.4. In previous versions of Jira we've been able to intergrate with LDAP just fine, by using a baseDN in the following format:


However, as discussed in this issue, with the new authentication stack in Jira 4.3, baseDNs without organizational units cause intermittent login errors. The problem I have is that our organizational units are not organized hierarchically; they branch off into separate regional user groups at the top level. Our organization is fairly large so changing this structure is not an option.

I think I could specify multiple user directories, one for each organizational unit, but there is no way to move our existing users into the appropriate directories. Deleting and recreating all the affected accounts would take far too long, and we'd lose a lot of historical data in the process anyway (i.e. we wouldn't be able to tell which issues are/were assigned to the deletedusers).

What options, if any, do I have here?

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Have you discussed this with Atlassian support? In my experience, they've been consistently very responsive, helpful, and knowledgable. –  EEAA Jul 13 '11 at 17:24
Yes, I am awaiting an answer from them. –  Mitch Lindgren Jul 13 '11 at 19:53

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