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I have two 3750's joined together with a stackwise cable. I have a connection between one of the 3750's physical port and a gateway router. Last week one of the 3750's failed due to power issues, which caused me to lose connectivity to the Gateway Router. I am looking at using either weighted static routes :(, or VRRP :)to create redundancy between these 3 network elements. I have read that I can use VRRP for master and backup interfaces on the same node, instead of master and backup routers? If so, can anyone help me with this solution, as I have no lab to test this.

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Sounds like you're making this much hard than it has to be.
What's wrong with LACP or just letting STP keep a link in standby?

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I thought spanning tree was used for switches. What would I use on the router side being that I can not put 2 ports in a single vlan? – Zen Master Jul 14 '11 at 14:55
You didn't mention what kind of router you were using; some have built in switching ability too, hence the STP remark. Otherwise LACP would be very easy compared to VRRP. – Chris S Jul 14 '11 at 17:30

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