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I would like to delete the built-in "Administrator" account on non-domain-joined Windows 2008 Server (R2).

The user registry (ntuser.dat) for the Administrator account has become corrupted. I have other users in the Administrators group so I don't need the Administrator account.

Is this even possible? The OS says "Cannot perform this operation on built-in accounts." I thought though I saw reference to deleting the account in other places as a security measure. As far as I know you can only disable it.

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As far as I'm aware, you can't delete the account, but you can rename it. If you're having problems with the ntuser.dat file for that account on a particular server or workstation then simply delete the user profile for that user on the affected server or workstation.

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Agreed. Just to re-iterate: log on as another member of the Administrators group and delete the affected profile. – Lewis Jul 15 '11 at 15:14

I doubt you can delete them, heres a TechNET forum thread talking about this issue.

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Since you can't delete it, you should be able to fix it - log in as another administrator account and then Delete the Administrator Profile. When the Administrator user logs in again next time, it should recreate the profile from the Default Profile.

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