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What would be a good system for managing a visualization service?

This platform is made of hardware components (a video conferencing system, a number of displays, a rendering cluster, an optical tracking system...) and software components, both developed in-house and COTS.

It takes up a whole room and has to be booked.

The needs I identified (for now) are:

  • a calendar for reservations
  • trouble tickets
  • possibly a bug tracking system for the in-house software components (at least the ones that do not require being developed on a full-fledged forge, such as deployment scripts or configuration files...) and for submitting RFEs.
  • a knowledge base / documentation system

Ideally, we would use the same software to manage scheduled and unscheduled maintenance operations, and keep the users informed of those.

An open source solution would be preferred. I have some experience with RT, which (AFAIK) only covers part of those needs and seems a little heavy to me.


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The open source does that.

I looked briefly at this and it seems to meet most of my needs, thanks! I am still exploring alternatives, though, because the documentation seems really spotty and the interface is somewhat cluttered. Any ideas? – Rom1 Jul 18 '11 at 7:06

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