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Does anyone know how much data it uses when I use Windows Remote Desktop Connection for an hour for normal office uses?

I'm asking because I need to connect to a computer remotely and I have to pay for the amount of data I use. Thanks

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"Hourly bandwidth consumption at rates like these can vary from ~12M to 3.4G+. Unless you are watching video over RDP, the higher end of the ladder is highly unlikely. For normal activity at 1024x768 resolution with standard settings I'd estimate about ~25M per hour." (c) John T

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This seems fairly spot on based on what we see. For 1 user using basic apps over terminal servers, we're seeing approx 5Kbps usage. In other words, about the same as a dial-up connection or a VoIP phone call. – Mark Henderson Jul 18 '11 at 0:55

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