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We identified that the daily backup scheduled for our database was not obtained because the tablespace "SYSTOOLSPACE" was offline, so looking in the internet found that could be solved by running the following command


After that the system needs to be restarted, so we did it with the following command.


It didn't work and we cannot open connection to the database. When we tried to open a connection the system give us the following error "SQL0980C"

Looking again in the internet we realise we have tablespace corrupt (probably SYSTOOLSPACE but we're not sure of that) and executed the following command: (attach the result report)


Any idea how can we do?


    _______                    DART                   _______ 

D a t a b a s e A n a l y s i s a n d R e p o r t i n g T o o l

                       IBM    DB2    NT  

DART (V9.5) Report: 2011-07-15-

        Database Name: DATABASE
        Report name: DATABASE.RPT
        Old report back-up: DATABASE.BAK
        Database Subdirectory: F:\DB2\NODE0000\SQL00001
        Operational Mode: Database Inspection Only (INSPECT)


Action option: DB

Warning: The database state is not consistent.

Warning: Errors reported about reorg rows may be due to the inconsistent state of the database. Connecting to Buffer Pool Services...

Database inspection phase start.

  Tablespace file inspection phase start.
  Loading tablespace files.
  Inspecting next tablespace and associated containers.
  Inspecting next tablespace and associated containers.
  Inspecting next tablespace and associated containers.
  3 tablespaces were identified and their containers checked.
  Error: tablespace files corrupt.
  Error: This phase encountered an error and did not complete.
  Tablespace file inspection phase end.

Database inspection phase end.


                DB2DART Processing completed with error!

                The inspection phase did not complete!         

             The tablespace files are damaged or corrupt.
                    The database may not be usable.

              DB2DART Processing completed with warning(s)!
                 Warning(s) detected during processing.

              Complete DB2DART report found in: DATABASE.RPT

_______    D A R T    P R O C E S S I N G    C O M P L E T E    _____
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seems like your tablespace containers for the systoolspace are corrupted. I am guessing..maybe a faulty storage (hard drive)?

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