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The cluster resource manager Torque typically allocates compute nodes on an exclusive basis. However, when you have a lot of small jobs (like we do) running against multi-core compute nodes, this can result in a lot of wasted resources. Is there any way to configure Torque to allow non-exclusive allocation of the cores on a compute node?

(These jobs are all embarrassingly parallel, so we aren't concerned about contention for the shared network resource. We can't switch schedulers as our customer's job-scripts are all in PBS/Torque.)

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OK, this actually turned out to be an issue with Maui. I'm throwing an answer here so others don't have to waste a day. :)

First: make your your Torque nodes file lists the nodes with np arguments, i.e. nodename np=8. This will make sure the resource manager is aware of the correct number of processors.

Second, for Maui: make sure your maui.cfg file includes the line NODEACCESSPOLICY SHARED. Then non-exclusive scheduling should work.

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