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I have a server runing on Windows Server 2003 and was installed Apache.

The server have around 900 HTTP connections at once. which is not that high.

The webpage is just a simple php page that return around 2KB of output.

I have the ff. Test case:

  1. I let the site run normally, -> slow webpages
  2. I put up an rand() to cut down half of the visitors. The CPU perfomance are always stays low, but the connections are high and webpages are slow.
  3. I delete the record of that webpage on apache config. As I do a netstat, I still sees high http connection pointing to that address. The server return an 404 but it is still very slow. Connection stays high (900)
  4. I change the DNS record and point to something else. Now it works normally.

Additional details

We just make another test where SendFile and MMAP is turned on. also Gzip is configured. Keep-alive: off.

the domain dns still point to my server. As we start the apache server, everything work perfectly fast. But after the connections reach around 600. It getting slow.


Does that mean that Apache cannot handle that high number of requests? Is there any posible way to increase this number? Because base on my opinion, 900 req/s is not so high.

Thank you

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If the CPU utilization is staying relatively low, then you might check memory and maybe swap file utilization. You might also take a look at the various memory/buffer settings that may be adjustable across Apache as well.

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