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I want to run a .jar file on my shared GoDaddy hosting, but I can't install the JRE to the system because I don't have root access.

Is there any way I can use the unpackaged files to execute the java command manually?

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short anwser is No, long answser not without your own vps or dedicated server or a JRE hosting provider – anthonysomerset Jul 16 '11 at 15:50

You can set the CLASSPATH variable to point to your jar.

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What are your privileges on that server? Can you install and run software on that server? Not as root but as the user you are logged in.

If you can do that - having shell access - then you can unpack the selfextracting version of java and start the java command from inside the bin folder. This will then run under the account of your user. If you want to then it is possible to put java in your path environment variable and other convenient configurations to make your java life easier.

But if you are not allowed to install and run software then it is impossible to get your task running.

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