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Say I have a virtual host set up in Tomcat for "" and I want to direct my sub-domains to particular contexts in the virtual host. For example... would take you to would take you to would take you to

...and so on.

I'm hoping there's a slick way to do this, perhaps with the <Alias> tag without having to create a virtual host for every sub-domain I want to handle. Or if there's a completely different solution, I'm all ears.


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Use httpd apache in front of your Tomcat!

That way you could use a named virtual host and direct it to your Tomcat-Application. It is also more secure since you can forbid any other path within that VHost.

You also don't have to expose your Tomcat to the network at all: Bind it to localhost and use mod_jk or mod_proxy_ajp (the first ist better suited for heavy load) to connect to Tomcat via AJP (normally TCP 8009).

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Thanks for the reply, Nils, but those answers are outside the bounds of my question. – Syndog Jul 18 '11 at 11:22

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