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Whats the right way to type a txt dns record?

For example a txt verification required in that case:

Set a txt record on your domain that contains:


How can i do that?

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As others have said, it largely depends on how you manage your DNS. If it's BIND, here's the line that provides the TXT record for

        IN      TXT     "v=spf1 mx -all"

If you're a BIND user, I thought it might help to have a concrete example to work with; note that this line comes immediately after the SOA record, as it depends on position inside the file to pick up that it's a record for the domain itself, not some host or subdomain therein.

If you're not a BIND user, let us know what you are running.

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It depends on your DNS management software but basically you just create new TXT record and put 420ef575ed03af13cdsbd22eafad9a4 in it.

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