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I have a RoR application that runs in /var/rails/redmine, and would like it to appear as a subdirectory in my Apache server (primarily so I can use a SSL certificate and not muck around with subdomains).

My httpd.conf currently has a <VirtualHost> directive with the DocumentRoot set to the Redmine install; this works fine when I use as the url. I'd like to be able to use, but am unable to get the alias to work.

I've tried adding an Alias /redmine /var/rails/redmine/public line to the config in a few places, but so far it only gives me errors (usually cannot access directory) when I go to the path. I've seen a few references to having to set some other paths for mod_passenger, but I'm unable to find information on how that works exactly.

Is there a way to give the RoR app an alias and have it appear to be in a subdirectory, or should I actually move it there, or is there a better solution?

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You will have to use some connector like mod_ruby, cgi or fcgi to access your rails application.

See this link for further documentation (Based on ubuntu linux)

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Stage one went smooooothly. Thanks for the guide (and +2 for the avvy ;). – ssube Jul 20 '11 at 14:55
Is thin a connector? – Shamoon Oct 26 '12 at 19:31

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