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I have one problem and I hope you could help me.

I disable http and now using only HTTPS- SSL. In httpd.conf I use:

ProxyPass /comp1/ htt_://
ProxyPass /comp2/ htt_://

Everything works fine, but..

How can I disable default page (index.php)? I go to (that's OK)

When I write in address bar it become index.php page that I don't need !! How to disable that ?

One more question

When I make in ProxyPass some URL, e.g., I have problem with ?

In URL I see that apex/f%3Fp=220:1 is not allowed.

How to repair that? I've added AddDefaultCharset utf-8 in httpd.conf. but it doesn't work or I don't know how to use it.

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You should stick with 1 question per question. – LazyOne Jul 21 '11 at 10:23

Remove your DirectoryIndex line from your configuration, or set it to something that isn't index.php. You'll then either get a directory index (i.e: a listing of the files in that directory), or a Directory Index Forbidden error if you don't have directory indexes enabled (ie: Options -Indexes)

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