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This document directs how to get there, but it is for the old Sun website. http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E19569-01/820-1188-12/core_ilom_firmware.html#50413605_67571

Download the flash image .ima file using these steps:

  1. Naviage to http://www.sun.com/download/

  2. Locate the Hardware Drivers section.

  3. Click the X64 Servers and Workstations.

  4. Click the link for the Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Server software release version that you want.


Under the new Oracle site, how do I get to the X4100 firmware updates?

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Oracle insists on a "support identifier" and matching company name before downloading anything from them. There is no apparent way to get this, so it seems that they effectively block further support for old Sun hardware unless you're willing to pay to be an Oracle hardware reseller. :-(

The easiest way to get past this problem is to ask around for someone that does have access to the Oracle's support site. Technicians or Engineers working for corporations that have support contracts for Sun/Oracle servers should be able to help you (if they want to!)

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