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Can I set up a virtual domain on one box so that a few specific email addresses get forwarded to gmail, and everything else (using a wildcard) goes to another system I control? For example, can I put in /etc/postfix/virtual
* *
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You can do this for a wildcard:

(ie. what you had without the asterisks). From the VIRTUAL(5) documentation:

#        The lookup result is subject to address rewriting:
#        o      When  the  result  has  the  form @otherdomain, the
#               result becomes the same user in otherdomain.   This
#               works only for the first address in a multi-address
#               lookup result.
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The problem with the catch-all approach is that it'll unfortunately also forward all the emails that are sent to random usernames at that specific domain. IME 99% of those emails are spam... – Timo Geusch May 7 '09 at 16:38

Yes, but wildcard rewriting defeats address validation. The usual disclaimers about catchall addresses apply in that case.

The usual advice, if you have a list of known/valid addresses, is to let the computer do the work for you and generate /etc/postfix/virtual from your database of known addresses (or use a database maptype). Make(1) is your friend.

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