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I followed some tutorial on the web but I can't figure out how to install them. I have RH5 and php 5.3.6. I typed yum install php-gd and it get me

Parsing package install arguments No Match for argument: php-gd Nothing to do

Tryed with php5-gd and still nothing to do. How to install them?

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It looks like you have a compiled install of php. You just need to install GD and recompile php with support for gd

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Yes I have installed php from webtatic.repo . How to install it and recompile php? – Kreker Jul 22 '11 at 12:04

yum install php5-gd really should install the needed module. If it doesn't do it, the module is probably already installed. If you create a simple web page containing line

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and load that page in your web browser, does it list GD extension?

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no, as I told you before it didn't install php5-gd either. And no, with phpinfo I don't see any gd module enabled – Kreker Jul 22 '11 at 12:03

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