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I have seen that Microsoft Forefront Endpoint protection has pretty decent pricing, although it seems to require a separate System Configuration Manager installed that's quite pricey.

I am currently running 8 Windows 2008 servers and would love to use Endpoint protection, but I wonder if it's going to be a lot of work to accomplish this due to the requirement of System Configuration Manager.

I am not sure SCCM would help me in any other way, except for anti-virus. A four digit price tag would be a bit pricey considering that the actual Forefront licenses are reasonably priced.

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You can install, configure and update FEP 2010 without using SCCM.

Extract the FEP policies from the Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 Tools and import the provided ADMX/ADML files into your domain. You can then configure FEP using Group Policy instead of via SCCM.

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AS Jscott says you can configure it and i will operate perfectly without System Center Configuration Manager but you will lose the reports and alerts components.

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