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Is there a quick command that will fetch patches from the internet and install them?

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You can fetch patches with the pkg command. However, you first need to add a repository and certificate. Your Oracle rep will no doubt provide you with information on how to do this.

Patches are not available without a support contract, which is the reason there is per definition an Oracle rep involved...

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Patches, i.e. partial packages bundles, as they were available with Solaris 10 and older are no more built or available with IPS (Image Packaging System) introduced with Solaris 11 Express (and OpenSolaris before). The new way is to replace full packages.

A system can be updated to the latest version (or SRUs service repository updates) with the pkg update command.

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I know that previously under Sun from the GUI, updatemanager could be used. However, this is only a suggestion as I have not tried Solaris 11 or systems under the Oracle brand.

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