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I know that there are several Firefox plugins that are invaluable for development. What plugins exist that are useful for system administration, monitoring, and the like? What plugins make your day-to-day job as a system or network administrator easier?


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ShowIP - allows me to see quickly the IP address of the server where a particular website is hosted. Assists in managing my many clients websites.

DNSCache - quickly disable/re-enable Firefox's builtin DNS Cache, particularly good if your also manipulating the site's DNS at the time

ScreenGrab - particularly good at capturing that error and sending to the developers.

+1 for screengrab, makes life a lot easier! – Milner May 7 '09 at 18:30

Foxyproxy - I cant stand getting attacked by others when they walk over with their stats and say "Hm this you wasted 5 minutes of our time on it."

Wish I could upvote this more. – Portman May 2 '09 at 2:36
this looks more like a tool that would give sysadmins work to do! Maybe give it to all the end users as a ploy to get better funding for network security projects? – Nick Kavadias May 31 '09 at 18:12

Even for IT, I'd have to put FireBug at the top of the list, too much good information in there.and


Tamper Data this is handy when you have to examine HTTP headers. This may be necessary if you have virtual hosts in a hosting environment. We also insert a field in the header to identify web machines in some of our web farms to identify problem hosts.


Xmarks, cause who wants to maintain a local only copy of their Firefox bookmarks. Xmarks will sync your bookmarks across Firefox, IE etc on all your computers. It's fast and stays out of the way.

Now when will it sync my Chrome bookmarks? :( – Christopher Galpin May 2 '09 at 2:33

WebMail Notifier - Tracks web email accounts

Live http headers - great for trouble shooting websites

Ghostery watch the websites that watch you


Delicious Bookmarks to sync my bookmarks across machines.

Yes! Yes! Yes! It's like a catch-all of all the useful content I've come across, tagged and sorted. – spoulson May 7 '09 at 20:01

LastPass. So I don't have to remember the loads of accounts I use (and can generate very strong passwords for each of your accounts), both personal and at work.


If you're using amazon ec2; elasticfox


Nagios Checker is pretty nice.


Firebug and YSlow! FTW

However I don't see why a web browser is a crucial tool for sysadmins, curl ? wget ? telnet host 80 ?

I admin vmware server 2.x. If I don't run a website, I've got to use the 1500 character-long command lines. – Matt Simmons May 31 '09 at 18:12

ReloadEvery - so I can get SO refresh automagically while working!

AdBlockPlus - because so many sites have ads that I don't care about.

Mentioned before, but super +1 for Firebug and YSlow because there's typically some good information that can be gleaned depending on what issue you might get roped in to.


Greasemonkey and the many scripts available for it is all I need.


Charles Proxy with Firefox plugin is much better than Firebug network statistics.


Fireftp for when you don't want to install an ftp client


In addition to others already mentioned, I find SQLite Manager invaluable.


Update Scanner - For every site you have keep tabs on that doesn't have email notifications or rss.

If you ar using google apps:

Active Inbox - GTD for mail.


You can't work without something to give you rhythm


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