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Is it possible to use IPP and IIS to provide a PostScript interface for a printer that does not natively support PostScript?

The aim here is to provide a generic interface for printing over IPP, so that clients can standardize on a single driver (PostScript) instead of having to download drivers for different printers. I could do this with CUPS, but would like to know if it is feasible with IIS, as well.

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Is there any particular reason that CUPS isn't an option?

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CUPS is definitely an option. I am investigating whether it is possible to achieve the same results with IIS as well, in order to compare alternatives. – user10239 Jun 21 '09 at 10:31

Ghostscript is available for windows.

This indicates that you may be able to make ghostscript appear to be a local printer.

Which could then be shared.

But I don't think its worth the effort.

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This article discusses how to set up GhostScript and use it as a printer destination on a Windows machine. This has a list of various commercial PostScript tools including PostScript rendering software.

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