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I try to use Windows media service on windows 2003 for unicast. after adding a publish point and create annouce file, I can view video on my local machin,but when I try to open it from the web, video can't play. what setting I must do to can view content from remote pcs.


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AS you can view it locally it suggest that the streaming service itself is working ok, it could be a firewall problem that is affecting connections from outside. This article from Microsoft provides allot of useful information for configuring firewalls for Windows media streaming.

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Thanks,I disable firewall, but still I can't view video from rempote. – Ashian Jun 22 '09 at 5:30

Try playing the video on Windows Media Player on the braodcasting server. If the video plays successfully, it means that there are security constraints (perhaps a firewall?) on the server that is disallowing outgoing connections or these limitations are present on your computer.

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