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I was watching Battlestar Galactica and realized the Cylons have Windows on their baseships :). So I thought that may be it could be a good communicty wiki question, like the badastronomy movie reviews but for IT.

What pitfalls have you found on movies or TV series (screenshots or concepts)?


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My personal favourite is the movie Max Knight: Ultra Spy.

It's filled with a heap of 'interesting' ideas - being able to plug your 'brain' into a computer, downloading your entire brain to a hard drive- and still be alive.

But the best part is when 'Max' gets hit over the head with a Laptop, and he enquires "Is that the new Pentium 3?" - because, you can always tell what kind of chip the computer is running which has hit you over the head :P


Also, in Die Hard 4, they were tracking intranet IP's all the time (10, 172 etc.).

better than them being higher than 255 in any of the octets... – warren Sep 10 '10 at 14:05

From Mission: Impossible, when Tom Cruise is recruiting a member of his team, and the person wants a laptop in return, he mentions "the one with the AI chip?"


Yes, but it was Ving Rhames, and if the man wants a laptop with a damn AI chip, I'd be inclined to give it to him – James F Jul 16 '09 at 11:25

One word: Swordfish


In one episode of NCIS some cop-hacker-guy (I don't watch the show because of its stupidity that often so I don't know who he is) needs to prevent a worm that tries to access his HDD, so he will install a mirror on a firewall, so that warm would see itself and not the drive's content when it tries to infiltrate his system... I mean, its MEGA stupid. =D

And not to mention the ASDF-HJKL key combinations that do all.


Strange that no one mentionned Stargate yet...

At least for one thing : Interoperability.

Carter, McKay and other scientists are always able to plug their laptop into any kind of alien computer, they always have the right cable/interface !

It seems that Goa'uld, Ancient, Wraith, Asgard and Ori met to define computer and industry standards that outweigh any ISO/IETF/... ones !

  1. The touch interfaces that always work at top speed without delay or lack of responsiveness. Like the big screens on NCIS: LA. The never have problems resizing things, or having to touch the same thing 3 or 4 times to the interface to respond.
  2. The apparently paid promotions, like an episode of HIMYM where they used Bing for the searches and navigation. They always got the right results (but if you try the same searches, bing never works!) At least the usage of video chat in Fringe with Android phones was honest (it included a delay between both characters so it didn't sound too unreal).
  3. Don't get me started on phones. Not really IT related but what battery, connection and processors are those phones using to be so fast and work for days without charging.

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