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My high-level problem is my build tool (Maven) which became suddenly very slow on a Solaris 10 environment. A build which was taking 8 minutes now takes 50 minutes.

I narrowed this problem down to a maven plugin repeatedly calling


This makes the JVM (version 1.6.0_22) invoking "env" command on the OS.

Each one of this calls takes approximately 1.5 second versus a few milliseconds on other Solaris 10 machines.

A reboot of the machine helped once and things became normal again for a couple of weeks. Now it's gone bad again and reboot doesn't help.


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It may be bug 6970542

Try setting:


I've seen that problem on a number of test machines which were working normally and then started to get really slow startup times. On JDK 1.6.0_26 it works properly again.

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Thanks a lot, this problem was driving me nuts. – Damien Jul 27 '11 at 14:23

Maybe forking the current process takes a longer time than expected. So it wouldn't be the problem with OS command invocation but with JVM / thread: The intermittent behaviour may be the pointer here.

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Thanks for the hint. I tried launching new threads with new Thread().start(); and it's able to launch 1000 threads in 146ms. I tried also with non-empty threads, containing Thread.sleep(1000); and it takes 341ms. Any other idea of investigation I could do? – Damien Jul 27 '11 at 0:37

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