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I am trying to run the Tomcat as a service on and Windows server. If I run tomcat7.exe in the bin directory, I get the error "Service 'tomcat7' is missing the ImageFile". If I run startup.bat, tomcat opens in a new window and works just fine. Any ideas? Thanks.

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I had the same problem, and could find a workaround. I don't know if it will work for you, though, since the OS is different (Windows Server 2008).


  1. First delete the tomcat service with "bin\tomcat7.exe //DS/Tomcat7".

  2. Now, disable UAC.

  3. Install the Tomcat service again with the command "bin\service.bat install"

  4. Start the service.

  5. If you want (and probably will), enable UAC again.

Since I successfully installed and started the Tomcat service, I did not need to disable UAC again.

The advice to disable UAC is present Tomcat 7 documentation, located at ""

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