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I've been learning Rails for the last few days and during this period, I've tested out Heroku and it's great to just do a "git push heroku" and the entire application is up and running. The problem is that I already have a VPS and I'd like the similar deployment method. How would I do this? Which web server is the best to use? My issue isn't performance - I just want fast and easy deployment. Is this even possible?

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My suggestion is to check out Capistrano; it offers pretty painless deployment once you've got your configs set up. I've been checking this out lately as well and it acts much similar to rake; you just run cap followed by an argument or two and it runs the deployment right out of your git or svn repo.

The documentation is very helpful, I've found. We use Capistrano for all of our projects at my company. It can be simple enough for a one-off project, or for managing a whole slew of them (but if you're doing the latter, I also recommend using Capistrano with Webistrano, to manage them via a web admin).

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