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I would like to set up Exim4 on Debian as an authenticated smart host, which behaves not terribly different from gmail (or google apps).

I want it to accept mail via TLS, require username and password credentials, and always rewrite the sender as the authenticated user.

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You will need to:

1.Setup a working Exim server

2.Setup authentication (eg cram_md5) (see section 35.1 of the manual)

begin authenticators
    driver = cram_md5
    public_name = CRAM-MD5
    server_secret = ${lookup{$1}lsearch{CONFDIR/crammd5.config}{$value}fail}
    server_set_id = $1

3.Set the server to require tls (see section 38.1 of the manual)

auth_over_tls_hosts = *

4.Configure sender rewriting (section 34.10 of the manual, examples from same)

*@*  $
*    ${lookup{$1}dbm{/etc/realnames}\
                     {$value}fail} bctfrF

There is a useful guide here to rewriting. Note that rewriting is often frowned upon as the reasons for rewriting are often nefarious.

You can test rewriting with exim -brw <test_address>.

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