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I am new to this forum and I was looking for a solution for one of my questions. I have developed a Java desktop application. I have a database in a shared php hosting server. Is there any possible way to connect the shared hosting database with my Java desktop application. And how can I perform timed database synchronization with the shared database server

Thanks in advance


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It depends on your shared hosting provider. Most shared hosting providers do not allow externel access to databases, and those that do are likely to limit what you can do in their Terms of Service (i.e. Use in non-hosted applications). Check your providers FAQ or your control panel.

The alternative is to do part of your application in PHP (residing on the shared host) and have your Java application do HTTP calls to the PHP script which handles the Database access.

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Wont be there any performance issue when calling the PHP through Java and make the connection?, but it seems a nice idea. In Godaddy, they're saying that they allow the external connection in this link does this mean we can connect it through desktop right? – Mujahid Jul 28 '11 at 9:47

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