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I have dedicated server with whm control panel. I have around 50 users in my servers. One of my client is sending email and i got abuse alert.I found the error from mail log. Can anyone look into it and help me from which domain that email is being sent

# less exim_mainlog | grep 1Qkx5n-98766v-4Y

2011-07-24 07:43:31 1Qkx5n-98766v-4Y <= (localhost) [] P=esmtpa S=3585
2011-07-24 07:43:34 1Qkx5n-98766v-4Y => R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp [zz.zz.zz.zzz]

2011-07-24 07:43:34 1Qkx5n-98766v-4Y Completed

I want know to from which domain name email was sent to

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Sure. It was sent from (localhost) []

And if that is your server, then it was created locally from within the server. Probably a webmail software or a local script.

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