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I am looking for a Unix alternative for LDAPAdmin(Windows). Our OpenLDAP runs in Solaris and I can't browse it directly from Windows due to firewalls which won't be relaxed. Currently I use crude JNDI programs(ran from Solaris) to fish out data which we want.

I cannot directly query OpenLDAP in Solaris due to user permissions which are lacking and won't be granted. Thoughts? :)

[Btw no GUI necessary. I access Solaris thru Putty]

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The openldap utils should be helpful for this. I use ldapsearch and ldapmodify. Just make sure you install the ldap client and ldap utilities packages as well.

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I will check this out the first thing I am back in office next week. Thank you! – Shock Jul 29 '11 at 16:57
The other super-helpful tool from this package is ldapvi, which opens up the tree in an editor. (Use an appropriate search pattern, like ldapvi (uid=me) to avoid pulling the whole directory in.) – Zanchey Jul 29 '11 at 18:02

If you want to access your LDAP tree from a shell, you need shelldap! It gives you a history-keeping tab-completing directory interface to an LDAP server, and most importantly, it's fun to say. (Shelldap! Shelldap! Shelldap!)

If you have a local X server (like Xming) & SSH forwarding, you can always run GUI programs remotely. I can highly recommend Apache Directory Studio though on Solaris you will probably need to install it as an Eclipse plugin.

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