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I am using PSCP to upload some files from windows to linux. I can do it fine just uploading one file at a time. But I have some very large directories and I want to upload an entire dir at once.

I have tried:

pscp -i C:\sitedeploy\abt-keypair.ppk includes\**

Throws error: "pscp: remote filespec /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/includes/*: not a directory"


pscp -i C:\sitedeploy\abt-keypair.ppk includes\

Throws error: "scp: includes\: not a regular file"


pscp -i C:\sitedeploy\abt-keypair.ppk includes

Throws error: "scp: includes\: not a regular file"

Thanks in advance!

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Did you try adding -r? – Pablo Castellazzi Jul 29 '11 at 16:21
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Two problems: First, the * does not go on the destination side. Second, -r is for copying an entire directory and subdirectories.

pscp -i C:\sitedeploy\abt-keypair.ppk includes\*

Will copy all of the files in the local includes\ directory to the .../includes/ directory on the server.

pscp -r -i C:\sitedeploy\abt-keypair.ppk includes\

Will copy the includes\ directory itself, including all files and subdirectories, to the .../ROOT/ directory on the server (where the contents of the local directory would merge with any existing .../ROOT/includes/ directory.

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If you want to copy a directory and it's contents you don't need to provide a filespec for the destination just use the directory name e.g.

pscp  -i C:\sitedeploy\abt-keypair.ppk includes\*

if you want to copy the directory and everything below it then you can use -r

pscp -r -i C:\sitedeploy\abt-keypair.ppk includes\
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You dont need to use -i for this. It's for private key file authentication. Just use -r to copy the source files recursively.

You might want a drag and drop method since you're using Windows. You can - for example - use WINSCP client

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