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I have two public keys, one for some servers and one for others. How do I specify which key to use when connecting to a server?

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Assuming you're on a Unix/Linux environment, you can create or edit the file ~/.ssh/config.

That config file allows you to establish the parameters to use for each host; so, for example:

Host host1
  HostName <hostname_or_ip>
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/identity_file1

Host Host2
  HostName <hostname_or_ip2>
  User differentusername
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/identity_file2

Note that host1 and host2 can also be not hostnames, but rather labels to identify a server.

Now you can log onto the to hosts with:

ssh host1
ssh host2
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You can also use -i <keyfile>, but I'd definitely recommend the config file method in the general case. – womble Jul 30 '11 at 8:43
I tried this but I keep getting prompted of the passphrase for my key. Even when I enter the passphrase correctly, the ssh login doesn't work. I tried using a blank passphrase too – Hamman Samuel Feb 29 at 20:27

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